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Elevator Bearing Housings Longeron Attachment Canopy Winder Spool Canopy winder faceplate
Elevator Bearing Housings
Part No. 75-13-033
*Made to Order
Longeron Attachment
Part No. 75-21-189
*Made to Order
Canopy Winder Spool
Part No.CAMS-P36-0001
Available ex stock
Canopy Winder Faceplate
Part No. CAMS-P36-0002
Available ex stock
Canopy Fittings Canopy Pivot Axle Control Stick Elevator Fittings
Canopy Fittings
Part No CAMS-P36-0003
*Made to Order
Canopy Pivot Axle
Part No. CAMS-P36-0004
Available ex stock
Control Stick
Part No. CAMS-P36-0005
Available ex stock
Elevator Fittings
Part No. CAMS-P36-0006
*Made to Order
Elevator Packers Lower Engine Mounts Upper Engine Mounts Frame Feet
Elevator Packers
Part No. CAMS-P36-0007
*Made to Order
Lower Engine Mounts
Part No. CAMS-P36-0008
Upper Engine Mounts
Part No. 87-11-026
Frame Feet
Part No. CAMS-P36-0009
*Made to Order
Picture 557
Part No.CAMS-P36-0010
*Made to Order

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